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Louis Vuitton was established in the year 1854 since then it is manufacturing leather items. It is considered as the most valuable brand in terms of leather product. Louis Vuitton bags are known for its flawless design and perfection. Bags are beautifully stitched with hand. Vintage Louis Vuitton items are still sold in market having collectible value. Among all the collection, we are going to discuss top 5 handbags that ruled the market in terms of sales and popularity. Let us go through 5 handbags and see why they are famous.

 Best 5 Louis Vuitton Handbags:

  • Neverfull: This bag was introduced in 2007 and since then it became one of the handbag that contributed a lot of revenue to Louis Vuitton among its products. This bag became famous for its durability, craftsmanship and beauty. It is strong enough to carry even heavy things in it. As its name suggests “Neverfull” means you can put lots of things in it but it will never get full. It comes in monogrammed design with different color variations along with a small pouch in it. This bag is ideal for college, shopping or any dinner party. Authentic Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag can be purchased from eBay from this listing.
  • The Speedy: Louis Vuitton Speedy is one of the affordable bags among other high end models. Speedy bag comes in damier canvas epi leather as well as monogrammed canvas. This bag suits anyone being men, women, teen, adult or aged person. It consist of cross body strap which gives it duffle shape and hence easy to carry. You can find pre-owned Speedy here.
  • The Noe: How Noe created? Story behind the manufacturing of Noe is quiet different and interesting. In the year 1932 a champagne company requested Louis Vuitton to manufacture a bag that can carry five bottles in it which can be useful to transfer it from one place to another. With this Louis Vuitton created Noe, and from then it became famous. It comes in three different sizes including nano. Purchase Louis Vuitton Noe from this link.
  • The Capucines: The name Capucines came from the street where Louis Vuitton inaugurated its first shop “Rue des Capucines”. This bag was manufactured in 2013. We can compare this bag with Hermes, because of its shape structured silhouette, rigid handle and metallic monogram clasp. Recently Louis Vuitton released limited edition versions of Capucines including wild flower design. Pre-owned bag can be purchased from here.
  • The Alma: It is one of the oldest Louis Vuitton bag that was released in 1934. It is famous for its monogrammed canvas, damier epi leather and monogrammed vernis. Louis Vuitton also released Alma in limited editions. Authentic Alma can be purchased here.

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