Identify Authenticity using Date Code of Louis Vuitton | Review

Hello all, hope you enjoyed our previous posts. They might have helped you in determining fake Louis Vuitton products. We have already discussed lots of pointers to keep in mind while reviewing Louis Vuitton item. These pointers include Stitching, Stamping, wrapping, Pattern and many  more. In this post we are going to discuss about the date code that is attached or stamped in any Louis Vuitton product.

Every product manufactured by Louis Vuitton has a date code. These date code are marked to identify the manufacturing date of the product. Also it will give you the location where it is manufactured. Every handbag has different location of date codes. Sometimes you will find it in front or sometimes it will be hidden inside the bag. Every style of bag has different location. Let us see what date code of Louis Vuitton signifies.

Identify Authenticity using Date Code of Louis Vuitton:

First of all you need to identify which one is date code because you might find two tags inside the bags. One is date code and other one is serial number. Date code will always consist to 4 digits and 2 alphabets, while serial number will consist of 1 alphabet and 5 numbers.

Let’s see what date code of Louis Vuitton says:

The first two digits signify the region of manufacture of your item. And the four digits will tell you the month and year of manufacturing. Lets us understand this thing with the help of example. Below image shows the date code as “SD0965” here SD is the region code for South Dakota and you need to decode 0965. First and third digits will tell you the month and second and fourth digits will tell the year of manufacturing. If we decode 0965 it says that bag is manufactured in June 1995.

Louis Vuitton Date code

Let’s see how replica date code looks like. In the below image the date code is “TH8912” which on decoding says it is manufactured in 81 month of 1992. This thing is not even possible because there are only 12 months.

louis vuitton date code

Hope this will help you in future before purchasing any Louis Vuitton products.

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