Identify Fake Louis Vuitton by Misaligned Pattern | Review

Hi there, we have posted many articles regarding authenticity of Louis Vuitton. With these articles you can easily distinguish between authentic and fake Louis Vuitton. We have also posted some products that are DNM means that they are never made by Louis Vuitton itself but counterfeiters uses it to sell in market using Louis Vuitton logo on it. These types of activities harm the intellectual property of Louis Vuitton. Counterfeiters may face legal trouble because of this. Also we discussed about the stamping thing that how authentic stamping must look like and registered R of the stamp should be smaller than the O of Louis Vuitton.

In our last post we discussed about the date code. Real Louis Vuitton has meaning of each alphabet and numbers in his date code. Also we discussed about the multicolor pattern products which are selling best in the market now a day. In this post we are going to discuss about other risk indicator that is misaligned pattern.

Pointers to Identify Fake Louis Vuitton by Misaligned Pattern:

Misaligned pattern means the design at both the end of bag and any other product does not match. Louis Vuitton is made from single leather so the pattern designed on it must be aligned properly. We have seen bags in which the monogram designed were not parallel to each other. Some cuts the stitching while others are not. Genuine Louis Vuitton will have same pattern throughout the bag. If it cuts the monogram at one side, it must cut it on other side. Below images shows a replica bag in which pattern is not proper.

.misaligned pattern

Hope this will help you in future before purchasing any Louis Vuitton products. Please like and comment on our post if you love it. You can tell us the topic on which you want our expertise view. We are always happy to help you.

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