Identify Fake Louis Vuitton by Red Wax and Hang Tag | Review

Hellos all, we are back with some more pointers that will help you identify fake Louis Vuitton products. In our previous post we discussed about how you can identify Louis Vuitton using its box and stickers on it. Accessories also play important role while determining authenticity of the product. In this post we will discuss about one such accessory that is hang tag.

A counterfeiter uses cheap materials while manufacturing fake handbags. This type of materials can be identified easily just by seeing or touching. Touch and feel effect will be totally different between fake and real ones. Let us discuss some points to identify fake and real products.

Pointers to Identify Fake Louis Vuitton by Red Wax and Hang Tag:

Louis Vuitton uses glue to stick leather parts such as leather stamp, belts and rivets. This glue will be so strong that it will not peel off easily. Glue will be of red color but when genuine Louis Vuitton uses it, it will not spread or comes out. You will see a good finishing at the edges and cannot even say that it is glued. If you see counterfeit product, they use more amount of red wax because it is not that much strong, this results in smudging. Red wax comes out from the edges and it will be clearly visible that glue is used to stick it. You can easily see fake item in below image.

red wax

Another pointer to identify fake Louis Vuitton item is hang tag. Louis Vuitton never supplies its products with plastic hang tags. These cheap plastic hang tags are only supplied by counterfeiters. The only tag that comes with genuine Louis Vuitton is paper tag or leather tag, in which Louis Vuitton is written. Below image shows fake Louis Vuitton hang tags.

Hope this will help you in future before purchasing any Louis Vuitton products. Please like and comment on our post if you love it. You can tell us the topic on which you want our expertise view. We are always happy to help you.

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