Identify Fake Louis Vuitton Using Box | Review

High end brand will always comes with box. Any product whether it is small pouch or a big handbag will always accompany with its box. Box will contain the product so it will differ in size. Sometime if Louis Vuitton is giving any accessory with handbag then there will be a separate box for that too. You will find certain points that will help you to identify fake products by seeing the box. You may think how a box can help you identify the authenticity, but yes there are certain points.

To understand this you might need a reference of article related to stamping. There was a point in that article that Louis Vuitton never comes with co-branding at any place. It is not limited to tags or stamps. Louis Vuitton will either have LV or Louis Vuitton written at a time.

Pointers to Identify Fake Louis Vuitton Using Box:

As I said Louis Vuitton will never have co-branding at any place. There are some cases wherein we have seen tags or stickers on box which contains co-branding. These sticky tags must only contain Louis Vuitton written on it.

Louis Vuitton box replica

We have also seen registered R mark on these sticky tags. Original box will never have registered R mark on it. Below image shows the fake box in which R is present. There will be only Louis Vuitton Paris written on it along with serial number and bar code.

One more point you must notice before purchasing Louis Vuitton item is that it will always comes in brown box with Louis Vuitton written on front side in dark brown fonts. Replica items come in box with light brown color, so you can easily distinguish between real and fake box.

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