Louis Vuitton DNM (Do Not Make) Products | Review

Previously we have posted about risk indicators that show how to identify fake products. There is a major difference between fake and authentic Louis Vuitton products. Quality of material plays very important role in it. Previously we taught you about identifying fake products using different criteria such as stitching, stamping, accessories, wrapping and pattern. Now it’s time you must identify counterfeit items using these points and move step forward and know about products that does not exist or made by Louis Vuitton but counterfeiters uses Louis Vuitton pattern on their products and make people believe that they are real ones.

Some of the products that are DNM include hard case for iphone, Louis Vuitton condoms, Louis Vuitton logo decals or stickers, cap and tshirts with co-branding, bedding items, portable chargers and many more.

List of DNM items by Louis Vuitton:

Hard back iphone case: Louis Vuitton manufactures iphone cases but only soft pouches in which you can put your iphone. It never manufactures hard case or back case for iphone. If you are interested in purchasing cheap and good quality iphone case we have a link of it: http://amzn.to/2kzHvoH below image will show you original and fake iphone case.

Now a day’s counterfeiter is manufacturing adult items in the name of Louis vuitton. Recently I came to know about condoms that counterfeiters made using Louis Vuitton logo on it. You must know that Louis Vuitton never go into such business.

Also manufacturing decal or stickers using Louis Vuitton logo on it is illegal. Louis Vuitton never distributes or make stand alone stickers or decals.

Caps and tshirts: Louis Vuitton never uses co-branding on any of its products. If you see any cap or tshirts with both “LV” and “Louis Vuitton” written on it, it is definitely fake. Below image shows you fake products.louis vuitton dnm

Bedding items: Louis Vuitton never made bedding items such as pillow cover, bed sheet, or blankets. These items are clearly not manufactured by Louis Vuitton.

Portable charger: Recently I saw a portable charger on a website having Louis Vuitton logo on it, but Louis Vuitton never manufactured electronics item. Beware of fake products.

Please like or post and in future we will try to give you more information about Louis Vuitton and help you to avoid fake items.

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