Louis Vuitton Multicolor Quatrefoil pattern | Review | Multicolor Monogram Pattern

Louis vuitton Quatrefoil pattern consist of Louis Vuitton trademark logo with monogram symbols at upper and lower part. LV symbol with monogram present in all the direction with different colors is all you can say Louis Vuitton Quatrefoil pattern. Louis Vuitton Quatrefoil pattern comes in two variations, viz black and other one is white.

Multicolor handbags are used by many celebrities and hence in fashion now a days. You can find multicolor quatrefoil pattern in wallets, handbags, belts, pouches etc. There are some pointers with which you can easily distinguish between real and fake multicolor pattern products.

In our previous we have discussed about many pointers with which you can easily distinguish between real and fake Louis Vuitton. Our articles will make you pro in detecting fake Louis Vuitton products.

Pointers to identify fake Louis Vuitton multicolor monogram products:

You have to follow a thumb rule to identify authenticity of Louis Vuitton multicolor products. Color of Louis Vuitton logo and the quatrefoil just above it in right side will never be same. You can say that upper right monogram of any “LV” logo will never be of same color. If the color matches than it is definitely a fake product. You can apply this rule to any of the Louis Vuitton multicolor product.

Above image shows you the fake Louis Vuitton bag. Here you can see that LV is in yellow color and the upper right quatrefoil marked by arrow is also of yellow color. Both the color matches hence item is fake.

Below image shows real Louis Vuitton bag in which none of the logo color matches with its upper right quatrefoil.

Louis Vuitton multicolor

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