Louis Vuitton Scarves | Review | Fake or Real

We have seen many visitors are attracting towards our websites and posts. We have seen a good increment in our traffic. Thank you very much for your support and love. Hope we will help you in the same way in near future. Today we are going to discuss about Louis Vuitton scarves, how to identify whether they are real or fake.
There are high chances that Louis vuitton scarf that you are purchasing online might be fake because there are few indicators to verify its authenticity. You can check it with professionals or you can follow our pointers. Scarves are women accessory and can be used for show off purpose. It is considered as status symbol. Let’s see some examples of scarves that are fake with the help of images.

Pointers to identify Louis Vuitton scarves to be real or fake:

With the help of tags: If you notice the tags of Louis Vuitton scarves, it has stitching only at the edges or corners so that you can easily pluck it without damaging the material of your scarf. Only one or two stitching is done at the corners of tag to hold it. Below image shows the real tag of Louis Vuitton scarf.

On the other hand fake Louis Vuitton will come with tags fully stitched on the scarf. If you try to pluck the tag, it is going to damage the material because it is not hand stitched. Counterfeiters use machine stitching on the sides to stitch the tag. You can easily see the stitching at the edges of tag, this confirms item to be fake. Below image shows replica scarf with tag.

DNM Louis Vuitton scarf:

Louis Vuitton never manufactured scarf with golden logo on it. A black or brown scarf with golden logo is never manufactured item by Louis Vuitton. Below image shows scarf with golden color monogram in it.

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